It is very important for a property owner wanting to get into a lease agreement with a cell phone company to carefully carry out investigations before choosing a perfect cell tower expert to negotiate on your behalf. Let us first define the term due diligence. Due diligence can be defined as an investigation of a matter. In our case, it is investigating a cell tower expert before hiring him/her to negotiate on your behalf.

As part of due diligence, a person can purchase either a formal report or an informal report. It is a person’s responsibility to carry out due diligence. This will help a person choose a the perfect choice among cell tower lease experts to handle his/her negotiations with the cell phone company on the lease rate.

When should a person conduct due diligence?

If a cell phone company representatives approach you to lease your property to them to build a cell tower, it is important for a person to conduct due diligence to confirm if the offer is genuine or it is a scam. Cases have arisen where fake agents come up to lure land owners to lease their land.

Secondly; due diligence can be conducted when an offer has been presented on the table by the cell phone company. The due diligence process helps establish if the offer presented on the table is fair or there is need to counter the offer. This also gives you a perfect opportunity to review the contract offer together with the terms and conditions presented.

Why should is it important to conduct due diligence before choosing a cell tower expert?

People conduct due diligence due because of various reasons. Here are the most common reasons why property owners conduct due diligence before hiring a perfect cell tower expert:


The most important reason why people conduct due diligence is to be able to come up with a list of the most experienced cell tower experts to negotiate lease rates on their behalf. Experienced cell tower experts are in a better position to come up with perfect rates compared o new experts.


Cell tower experts charge different prices depending on the firms they work for. Due diligence will help you identify an expert you can comfortably pay without straining.

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