When it comes to owning and operating a business, there are a lot of a factors at play that can make or break your business. These pitfalls are many, some known and some unknown. Considering the stakes, your life savings in many cases, you’re going to want to be the perfect blend of cautious and willing to take action. This can be an exhaustive process, and you can probably imagine, and it can take its toll before you know it. The problem with that, besides the problem, itself (the problem with the problem, if you will) is that stress lowers morale, and low morale equates to low productivity. Therefore, in order to make your business the best business possible, you and your employees, partners, etc. should take care of their mental health. Mental health is an issue we don’t like to talk about, that we like to ignore or demonize, but it’s a very real problem, and it’s only becoming more prevalent. Here are some tips to help you keep yourself and your employees in good mental health.

First and foremost, trying taking a nice hot bath first thing after work. WEll, maybe first thing after dinner. And, take note, I said bath, not shower. If you are able, submerging in hot water in relative silence is far more therapeutic than it noisily running over you. Indeed, there is a therapeutic force at work in a hot bath. The constant exposure to hot water can relax your muscles, first of all, and also reduce swelling that’s likely to be the reason your “dogs” are killing you. Furthermore, the serenity of your bath is sure to ease your mind, so a bath is kind of the best of both worlds. However, a bath won’t fix everything, but it’s a great start, especially with some bath bombs from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Okay, here’s where it gets controversial. There is absolutely, 100% such a thing as working too hard. You’ll notice that Google is an incredibly successful corporation that rules the search engine game, as well owning YouTube, a website so successful that it generated an industry out of thin air. Now, take into consideration that the Google workspace is intended to be low stress to the point of being downright fun. Those two things go hand in hand. I’m not saying to emulate that, of course, but it should get you thinking about when enough is enough in regard to putting your employees into stressful situations.

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