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International due diligence on international business partners

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 International due Diligence on international business partners is essential before you can even consider doing business with partners internationally. There are too many of these large companies that don’t consider doing due diligence on their business partners, and they are failing or their business partners aren’t legit. These are some

The Role of Cultural Due Diligence in Business Integration Efforts

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Global due diligence investigations are truly amongst the most important parts of business integration and yet it’s so often neglected. The trouble with mergers is that there needs to be risk assessments and reports in order for both parties to understand fully the magnitude of two businesses coming together. Culture

5 ways Global due diligence can prevent fraud in your contracts

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All parties sin a commercial transaction should be very conscious when it comes to fraud and how to prevent it using global due diligence.  In most cases the parties involved in any international business negotiate with may not even understand the liability they pose. What is fraud? In the business world, this